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Product title:CZ901 type high intensity focused ultrasound tumor therapeutic system    like

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        By the command center, control systems, treatment systems, surveillance systems, water treatment systems, five parts, with completely independent intellectual property rights.
        By high-intensity ultrasound focus technology, precise positioning technology, smart efficacy assessment techniques open water, underwater surveillance security technology as a whole.
        Products using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology as a highly effective non-invasive treatment. Ultrasonic precise positioning, accurate focusing, transient high temperature effects in tumor tissue, mechanical effects of cavitation, the tumor tissue coagulation necrosis, loss of proliferation, invasion and metastasis, reaching no surgery, no bleeding, cancer treatment the purpose for the majority of cancer patients a better treatment options.
        The product is mainly used in clinical limbs, the torso bone and soft tissue tumors, breast tumors and liver tumors (liver to reduce movement and ribs disorders) treatment to kill tumor cells induced coagulation necrosis.
        Compared with the traditional treatment of cancer, high intensity focused ultrasound tumor therapeutic products, with no surgery, no bleeding, no radiotherapy, chemotherapy side effects, the preservation of human organs, no environmental pollution, treatment time is short, low cost of treatment, The safety advantages.