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The new dynamic of Mianyang Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd.

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 Mianyang Sonic Electronic Co., Ltd. to continue to improve human health, for the lifting of the broad masses of the people suffering hardship due to illness for the patients to reduce health care costs, improve the quality of life of patients continue to strive to create a harmonious society.

The 21st century is the development of bio-electronic medical new century, the new century of continuous innovation and development of traditional medicine to modern medicine, ultrasound diagnosis of the direction of the ultrasound treatment is the only way for the development of Ultrasound in Medicine Engineering. "West" brand medical ultrasound equipment can diagnose a variety of diseases the development of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) non-invasive treatment of many diseases, a combination of modern medicine and traditional healing, modern medicine is a major undertaking in the World Medical the forefront of high-tech fields.
Mianyang Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd, located in western China's national science and technology city - Mianyang, is the birthplace of China's first B-.
Our company is an international, domestic ultrasonic medical device industry, not only the first R & D and production of ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, but also research and development of high-tech enterprises of the production of ultrasonic therapy equipment.
April 11, 2010, hosted by Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the project focus on technological innovation projects - the "West" brand CZ901 high-intensity focused ultrasound tumor therapy system identification and acceptance of new products At the meeting, the ultrasound medical experts from around the country, ultrasound engineering experts, clinical experts agreed that the product compared with similar products: the international advanced level, the domestic leading position.
"West" brand Mianyang Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd. R & D and production of high-intensity focused ultrasound the noninvasive treatment products, used in clinical treatment of the disease: liver cancer, uterine fibroids, breast cancer, breast fibroma, squamous cell carcinoma metastasis, smooth fibroids, osteosarcoma. Used in the treatment of superficial tissue disease: white lesions of vulva, cervical erosion, genital itching, chronic cervicitis, genital warts, neurodermatitis, scleroderma and superficial tissue tumor.
Disease above a high incidence of species in the crowd, "West" brand series of non-invasive treatment of high intensity focused ultrasound treatment of these diseases has a unique effect. For all levels of hospital gynecology, dermatology, oncology, sexually transmitted diseases, B ultrasound Branch and General Surgery preferred, at present, there are more than 150 of the top three hospitals in the country, and some to buy more than one. We warmly welcome the vision and innovative use of hospital equipment, in the broad areas and shorter time to benefit the masses, is bound to hospitals and distributors at all levels to create a considerable economic and social benefits.
April 18, 2010 to 21, during the 63rd International Medical Fair held in Shenzhen, merchants from Italy due to the long suffering from localized scleroderma, find all over the vast majority of hospitals around the world, have failed to cure. In the Medical Fair booth, my doctor "West" brand multi-function focused ultrasound non-invasive therapeutic apparatus to treat him after 20 minutes of treatment, patients crusty part of the skin to soften, reaching The purpose of the cure. Patients are extremely happy spot with my company chairman and general manager of the Fu Yurui posed for pictures, and pledged to quickly promote the product in Italy.
    Figure 1:
     20101 April 18 to 21, the 63rd International Medical Fair held in Shenzhen
, A large number of foreign and domestic businessmen, in my company's booth, consulting my company
High-tech products.
    Figure 2:
    The medical Bo merchants from Italy, suffering from local scleroderma, long
Period failed to cure. My company's booth, the company doctor with the "West" brand multi-function
Non-invasive focused ultrasound therapeutic apparatus to treat him.
    Figure 3:
    After 20 minutes of treatment, the patient's crusty part of the skin is softened to achieve the treatment
Healing purposes.
    Figure 4:
    Italian merchants for his treatment of scleroderma is extremely pleased with me on the spot public
Chairman of the Division general manager Fu Yurui photo taken in Italy to promote
The product.