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--------Largest medical ultrasound diagnostics and ultrasound treatment equipment manufacturers--------



Mianyang Sonic Electronic Ltd. is one of the largest manufactures in medical ultrasound field in China. It covers 70 mu and has about 50,000 square meters of modern building for producing line. The company has 3 of companies, 1 of high-tech Corporation, 1 of trading company and 2 of two-star hotels both at Mianyang and Shenzhen city, the first economic zone in south part of China. Now there are 250 employees and which include about 100 technicians and about 20 senior experts in the area of ultrasound diagnosistreatmentand clinic. The first national ultrasound system was born in our company in 1980’s, which fill in a vacancy  that clinical ultrasound diagnosis system at that time in China. Up to now, More than 70,000 HUAXI® ultrasound systems had been sold at home and exported to thirty-two counties and areas. We have set up about 18 agencies which include about 100 full-time seller at home and network of sale with 36 different countries and areas in the world.

In order to push ultrasound system develop to full digital and color Doppler technology,  Our company cooperates with America Tension and invests more than ten million Yuan on it from 2005. By DSP software, we are developing top and middling grade colored and full digital black and white ultrasound system which have independence intellectual property and 18 international patents technology. This new and high technology is the most advanced in Doppler ultrasound system recently, and it will become mainstream in development of world clinical ultrasound system. In addition, there are not any factories to research and develop this technology up to now in our country. Now the prototypes with this technology are in debugging and it will be put in market soon. It is important to promote the medical treatment level of all different hospitals in our country.

21st Century is a new century which develops for bioelectronics medicine. It is a focus that the development from ultrasound diagnosis to hurtless therapy has been highly attention by medicine field at domestic and abroad. With the development and application of new and high technologies, HUAXI® ultrasound products have developed from ultrasound diagnosis to ultrasound therapy and went ahead in the development of clinical ultrasound in the world. HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) system was been recognized in the world which is our own intellectual property, which is advantage of all in domestic and abroad. HIFU got a new means in medical filed to develop hurtless therapy to any kind of disease. Now Mianyang sonic have developed as the first company that could produce ultrasound diagnosis devices as well as ultrasound therapeutic devices at home and abroad.

In the past thirty years, Mianyang Sonic have been engaged in develop medical science and made great contribution to people health. In the future, Mianyang sonic would make great efforts continuously.